Stock Market Head Fake?

As of August 6th of 2016, the stock market is at ALL TIME highs. Could this be legitimate or are we experiencing a Stock Market Head Fake?
We had a slight pull back “flash crash” in August 2015. This triggered everyone, and I mean everyone, to say the next crash is here. It wasn’t.

So what are we seeing today? It’s got to be that companies are turning in some amazing quarters and that inflation has declined right? Maybe, but something just doesn’t feel right.
Some say “It’s an election year” while others say “it’s the Fed”.

If it’s an election year and the stock market goes straight up during it, what actually moves the market? News, events or actual companies growing year by year? Who knows.
If it’s the Fed, well it’s the Fed.

This could be real, this could be heading 2000 points higher, but take a look at history and you’ll see it doesn’t always stay afloat.

Another good one is “the system is hacked”. If the system is hacked then the best way to keep it under wraps is to move the market higher. Nobody will complain about a market that is making them money. Perfect cover for this possible Head Fake.

Happy Trading